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Autumn Mandala – AAN

When Alessandra asked for a model stitch on Autumn Mandala I jumped at the chance as the colours looked lovely. The threads and fabric that arrived certainly didn’t disappoint! I couldn’t wait to get my hands on Automne 310.

I jumped straight in with the variegated thread and started with cupule of the acorn with threadworx 1043 (OK, it being the middle point on the chart helped with that decision). The rest of the acorn used DMC 729 and the leaf moved onto another variegated thread threadworx 10611.

I had intended to take photos after I completed each round but for some reason the above photo is the last photo I can find prior to the finished article. I stitched the acorn first and then completed it round by round as it seemed the nicest way to stitch this piece and it meant only one bunch of thread was out at a time.

The three little acorns are a really nice addition to the finished piece.

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