Mama Isabel Dress/Duster

Back in 2017, my graduation was coming up in the summer and I needed an outfit. I decided to try and make my own, I had Made for MermaidsMama Isabel already printed and had enough black viscose jersey on hand so started to make a toile.

I went with the tulip hemline to add something different to the dress and all of the tester photos looked great!

Made for Mermaids Mama Isabel Dress. Made by EmmyStitches.

Looking through the hacks people had done on this dress, I decided to make the dress so that it could convert into a duster cardigan as well.

Made for Mermaids Mama Isabel Duster. Made by EmmyStitches.

I love the duster version and have probably worn it more as the duster especially on holiday rather than as the dress. I found the toile was definitely wearable so decided to just wear that to my graduation. The dress was mostly covered by my graduation gown so there weren’t many photographs of it in action.

My only problem is the fabric is thin so the crossover at my chest area keeps slipping so as a consequence, I unintentionally became a flasher. I’m not sure why it took me nearly 2 years to get decent photographs of this dress but here we are.

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