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Review: Swedish Tracing Paper

As I don’t particularly like sitting, taping patterns together, I started getting them printed in a A0 format. My printer guzzles ink so for me it’s not more expensive than printing A4 at home.

However, I did not want to cut those patterns up (I don’t like cutting patterns in general) so wanted to find a good material to trace the patterns with. I know a lot of people swear by freezer paper but I haven’t tried it. I’m not even sure where we would buy it in the UK…probably a supermarket but it’s not something I’ve gone out to look for or heard people say they are off to buy some.

I came across Swedish Tracing Paper in my search and a blogger had a 10% discount code for those that wanted to try it so I thought why not? It doesn’t feel like regular paper, it feels a bit like interfacing. I bought a single 10m roll from Creative Industry (in no way affiliated just an honest opinion).

It is fairly see through so there were no problems tracing. You don’t need any special pens to draw on this. A regular HB pencil does the trick nicely.

The great thing about Swedish Tracing Paper is that if it gets crumpled you can iron it! I try to fold things nicely but it never goes how I like so this is great for me.

From that 10m roll I have traced a dress, a t-shirt, a skirt and a raglan top and there’s still plenty left over. It’s safe to say I’m a happy customer! If you’re looking to try something new then give it a shot.

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