Koala Ragdoll

A work friend is about to have her first baby and I wanted to make something special for her. Another colleague had already made a blanket, hat and booty set so I decided to go for something else. I have always admired A la Sascha‘s ragdoll patterns but had no one to make them for. I went a bit wild and bought 5 of them – the penguin, koala, reindeer, fox and the sloth.

At some point last year I bought some yarn from Aldi and one of the packs included 5 balls of grey dk yarn that I hadn’t yet touched. With so much grey yarn I decided to make the koala pattern for my friend. The black and white yarn were from random balls that lost their tags long ago but they were definitely dk weight.

This pattern was so easy and relatively quick to make around my work schedule. I have got to say though that I am not a fan of all that sewing! As it was to be used by a baby, I swapped safety eyes for crochet ones. I did 6 SC (US terms) into a magic circle and did one more round of sc on top of that. I have now been asked to make another koala and I have another cousin on the way so there will definitely be more ragdolls in my future!

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