Teeny Beanie

I am in the process of making myself a summery top made with the pineapple fabric that you saw in a previous post.

I sent a progress photo to a friend asking her opinion on how I should finish the top as it has a couple of options. She was telling me how much she loved the fabric so I decided to make a hat for her baby boy.

Patterns for Pirates released a series of free patterns for babies. One of which, was the Teeny Beanie. It comes in 5 sizes – Prem, Newborn, 3M, 6M and 9-12M.

The little guy is premature so I made the prem size however it does still seem big compared to memories of my cousin who was also premature. I’m not sure if I messed up with the seam allowance or if the prem size is more geared towards the heavier babies.

Hand for scale

This pattern was so quick to whip up. If I had to guess, it took no more than half an hour and that’s including cutting time. It is an easy pattern and would lend itself well to beginners as well as a quick present to whip up for baby showers.

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