Christmas Stockings

I have had two Christmas stocking panels sitting in my stash for a good few years now. I had always put off making them as I had mistakenly thought quilting would be involved and it was not long after I had made a few quilted duffel bags. I was quilted out.

It was so long ago, I can’t even find a photo of the panels uncut! I bought them from a local quilting shop in Durham, UK.

As I mentioned earlier, I had thought these would need quilting. They hadn’t come with instructions but in my less experienced mind that just the panel and lining would be a bit thin.

After a quick search online, they were fairly easy to put together so I just streamlined them both at the same time.

On point 😉

Can we take a moment to appreciate the pattern matching? I’ve never been able to match anything that well in my sewing lifetime.

I have a friend wanting some sewn up now so if she can find a pattern she likes, you may see a very similar post in the not so distant future.

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