Pineapple T-shirt

The Made for Mermaids Avery is one of those patterns that was bought without a specific project in mind…I mean aren’t most crafty purchases like that?

This summery fabric is from BST fabrics (not listed on their website) – I found this beauty hiding among the stretch fabrics – you may remember it from my Teenie Beanie post.

Front View

This version was made using the low scoop neckline and the tee length.

Side/Back View

For this version, I decided to go with the closed back. I will say that when I did a fit check before I had added the arm/neck bands, I was concerned that it looked a little big. The bands brought it together though.

Back View

That cross-over back is a pain to iron but a dream to look at! When constructing the back, you do need to pay attention to the instructions as it would be easy to go a bit sideways with matching up the notches. That being said, I really enjoyed making this and already have another Mama Avery cut out and ready to go.

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